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        Glass Microspheres

        Glass Microspheres
        Glass Microspheres
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        Product Code : gm-01
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        Glass Microspheres

        Industrial applications of white PF are the most diverse, ranging from high performance fillers for plastics to cements for petroleum, water and geothermal wells. Other applications include its use as a filter media for pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals and water for municipal systems and swimming pools.

        Additional applications include its use as an abrasive in soaps, cleaners, and polishes; and a variety of foundry applications utilizing white PF's insulating properties and high heat resistance. This same heat resistant property is taken advantage of when white PF is used in the manufacture of refractory bricks, mortars, and pipe insulation.

        In horticultural applications, white PF is used throughout the world as a component of soilless growing mixes where it provides aeration and optimum moisture retention for superior plant growth.